Coupled Infrastructure
Systems Initiative

Author: Marco Janssen

How infrastructure works

How Infrastructure works  Just finished the insightful and very readable book on infrastructure by Deb Chachra, an engineering professor at Olin College of Engineering. Writing

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Our Textbook is Out

Our open-access textbook on Coupled Infrastructure Systems is now available here. The book is a continuation of Sustaining the Commons but now with a focus

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On smelly infrastructure

Human waste is both a valuable resource, e.g. fertilizer, and a  pollutant e.g. spreading diseases. A recent fascinating book by Lina Zeldovich, discusses the history and

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The crippling costs of efficiency

There might be various contributing factors to the current high inflation and labor shortages such as the disruptive pandemic, stimulus money increasing demand, and the

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Renting the American Dream

Homeownership has long been seen as an essential feature  of the American Dream, in which equality of opportunity is available to any American. The current

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Review your fair share

For academic careers it is essential to publish your work in reputable peer-reviewed journals. Publish or perish – the pressure to publish – leads to

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